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Ok allow me to explain where i'm coming from.
You can't chat with your crewmembers while your out of your ship which annoyed me. And even the convo's you have on-board are short and shallow. There's like what... 4-5 unique talks you can have?
The menu's really annoy me. With KoToR you could switch between all the menu's with a press of a key on the keyboard, with mass effect it's more of a hassle (have to go back first).
The main story is actually fairly good but too short. I finished it in 9 hours while KoToR took me 20+. Mainly because there's nothing you have to do. Take the mission where you rescue Liara. You fly to the planet, drive the mako for 5 mins and enter a mine which you clear in 5 mins and your done with the entire world. In KoToR you had to explore all the world and actually put some effort into finding the start maps. And you had lot's of side quests which were fun and easy to acces.
So as far as i'm concerned 9 hours is really short. If Mass Effect was promoted as a shooter i'd be fine with it (hmm multiplayer) but this is an rpg we are talking about.... come on people.
Which brings me to the Side quests of Mass Effect. O my dear god....... Fly to planet X and kill everything in generic building A/B. Erm, some variation? Ok here you go: grind 40 different minerals... WHAT?!
(sorry for comparing it to KoToR, but KoToR is just such a good game )

Overal i'd still recommend people to play it, but not until the price comes down abit. Right now the game is somewhat of a ripp-off. This is obviously only the opinion of one idiot so i do encourage you to make up your own mind after you play it and feel free argue with me if you think it's the best game ever. (i'd love to know why)
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