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Originally Posted by Rathoris
(sorry for comparing it to KoToR, but KoToR is just such a good game )
No need to apologize, friend. This is a KotOR forum after all.
Originally Posted by Rathoris
Overal i'd still recommend people to play it, but not until the price comes down abit. Right now the game is somewhat of a ripp-off. This is obviously only the opinion of one idiot so i do encourage you to make up your own mind after you play it and feel free argue with me if you think it's the best game ever. (i'd love to know why)
Sound advice which I, for one, will definitely follow, given that you're certainly not the only one that has voiced these types of complaints about ME. Be prepared for mimartin's spirited rebuttal, though. He thinks that ME is the second coming of software.

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