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When Evil Comes

When Evil Comes

Any day can be normal for any teenager. But for this one... her life will change forever.

Donna James, 17-years-old, goes to Jonathan High in Portland, Oregon. She's a honor student with a future planned for her. But all of that will change.

One day, a new student came to her class. His name was Kyle Millard. He looked like a nice kid. But ever since he came to the high school, Kyle's been picked on. That's when Donna came to the rescue.

One night, while watching the News, a report about a teenaged boy was a killer. That boy turned out to be... Kyle Millard. This shocked Donna. She has two options... turn Kyle in...

Or die trying.


[Nighttime. Portland, Oregon, USA]

Donna James was at home, getting ready for bed. When she brushed her teeth, she thought about the News. The picture with the kid she knew... was Kyle himself.

How could Kyle be a killer? And a crazy one at that. It just didn't make any sense. Kyle seemed like a nice kid. But why would he be a psychotic killer?

All of this ran rapidly in Donna's head.

After she brushed her teeth, the young girl went to her room, and closed the door. Then she sat on her bed, and looked at the moon. Tomorrow... she must act normal around him... if she wanted to live.

Donna turned off her lamp, tucked herself in the covers, and fell to sleep.

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