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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post

BTW: In Bao-Dur's case he's not restoring anything because there is nothing to restore. He's conjuring it out of thin air.
That's what I was saying.

Originally Posted by Pikmin View Post
Wow, such a heated debate...

Ok look, in cut material that TSLRP is restoring Bao-Dur mentions returning to Malachor to activate the Generator again. Then after you deal with the Atris problem, Grenn notices Bao-dur is gone. And in another cut line, Bao-Dur asks the remote to "Make my Sacrifice matter".

And so based upon those three things* it is easy to assume he followed Kreia to Malachor while you were on Telos, tried to activate the generator, but was killed. And even if this isn't EXACTLY** what OE intended, every other party member has a end-game resolution; Mira, Hanharr, Atton, Brianna, Mical, HK-47, Remote, Go-To, Visas Marr, and Kreia. And like Bao-dur every ones ending was cut or trimmed down to a shell of what it could have been.

So don't come complaining that this is BS, it makes perfect sense if you look at Bao-dur's character. He thought he could keep Czerka from messing up Telos on his own, he thought he could stop the Republic's enemies with his OWN creations, AND he very much regrets having made the generator in the first place.

There enjoy my argument.

*There are more but not worth mentioning here.
**Not everything in TSLRP, M4-78RP, or TSLCR is EXACTLY like Obsidian Intended.
Could you provide concrete proof of this cut line, please? I wasn't aware it existed. Please make available either the sound file or the TLK entry or whatnot where it says this.

Thanks in Advance.

As for your argument, you're drawing conclusions. You can't call your project 'Content Restoration' if you're not restoring cut content. In this case, you're creating a mod. Which is fine, as long as you identify it as such.

That's just from my point of view - I don't actually care if you rename your project or anything, but I thought you were saying there was cut information about Bao-Dur. Until you provide that dialog, that still seems to be false.

Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
And it's actually a pretty good one. If you can put it in the game and make it seamless and therefore believeable it might provide closure for a lot of people.

Excepting Melly, of course.
I disagree. And it might provide closure, but they have to remember that it's not cut content, it's someone's interpretation of events that was modded in.


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