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Originally Posted by Inyri View Post
Uh, probably not. If you've ever ripped a DVD to hard drive it doesn't take up 400gb, and I doubt a KotOR 'movie' would need to be as long as a full-length feature film.

If you compress the video as you go you'll probably need maybe 5-10 gigs of free space, including bumper space for the uncompressed video as you film it (before compressing). Suggesting you need 200-400 gigs is ridiculous, though. I've filmed plenty of things, some as long as 30 mins, and my hard drive is only 80 gigs (and I didn't compress as I went).
Based off of the title of the thread,
making a full game kotor video
I got the impression that he is intending on filming the entire game. I would say its at minimum a 25 hour game. Tell me how on earth you would fit 25 hours of video on a 80gig hard drive?

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