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Detective Phil Mason looked at the dead body that lay before him in the dark living room. Crime Scene investigators walked around the room collecting evidence and examining the body of a young woman.

One of the officers walked over to Mason. "I don't think you should be here..." he said. "This is thoroughly a police matter, and this sure aint no place for a Private Detective!"

"My client has hired me to investigate the wherabouts of this Kyle Millard. I was told this is where he was last seen."

"Well, don't think there will be anything much here to give a clue to his wherabouts. Why he murdered this woman is an utter mystery to me."

"Who is this woman anyway?"

"We know for certain she is not the owner of this apartment. She has no forms of ID on her what-so-ever. We are sending a DNA sample over to the lab to get more specifics. We've also dusted for finger prints of the culprit, but nothing else much of his current wherabouts..."

Mason gave the officer his card. "Call me if you pick anything else up!"
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