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The 'old man' inhaled before starting to make a sort of a ticking sound. It served as a form of echolocation and psychological thing before a fight. More correctly, he was measuring up the man to know what kind of movements he should expect from him. His ears twitched, focusing on the hum of the opponent's blade before the man stopped the noise and twirled his lightsaber once above his head and stabbed forwards, his other hand taking a grip at the wrist to give more weight for the attack. He expected this to be an easily blocked attempt at an attack that only novices would have a hard time on. The Feeorin man was obviously still testing the man before he would start the real duel. After the attack he stood back from attacking and gave the boy his chance at it, rather only counterattacking when the boy made the mistake of giving an opening. It seemed the Feeorin man was taking this much like a sparring session than a real combat, yet Tepe knew and probably everyone else knew as well that the boy was extremely serious about it.

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