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pre-vacation update

Here's an update to show that I'm still working on the Rattataki:

Now then, you might be wondering why all the males have facial hair. I went down to my local comic shop and picked up a copy of Clone Wars Volume 5 trade paperback. One of the stories is from Star Wars Republic 60: Hate and Fear, which includes Asajj Ventress' backstory, as well as taking place on the planet Rattatak. Asajj had a lot of her soldiers there, and all the men had bald heads and moustaches and/or goatees. Since this is the only real source of images I have for the Rattataki male, I'm not sure if it is just that artists' idea, or if it is cannon. The image on Wookieepedia is of Asajj's right hand man, Aidus, and while hard to see, he does have a short cropped moustache and beard.

At any rate, I've made these six with crazy face scruff. I'll probably do some more, maybe with a little less facial hair, or even none. Untill then, though, I'll be on vacation for a couple weeks.

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