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Originally Posted by Ghost Down View Post
The AA enabling option only works with a GeForce 8 series or above, and seeing that my shiny new GeForce 9800GTX Black Edition is still boxed and not running in my new rig which I am currently building, means that I have no way to enable AA with my dated GeForce 7800GS AGP card.
I wouldn't even try enabling AA on that card.. not in this game. I expect that when people complain about the lack of AA in UT3 engine based games, they don't have anything less than a GF8 in their PC box. There's just no point in trying to enable it on lesser cards. Who wants to play at 10 FPS anyway?

If you're replacing your current system, I would suggest that you stop playing ME until you get your new PC up and running. It will be a totally new experience.

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