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Unhappy anybody can help me? (model problem)

since,i have started to make my own model for jk3
however it dosen't not able to use,and i started the multiplayer mod ,it only
saw a kyle character,i think anybody hear about this regularly
however this problem perplex on myself,i cann't fix that
it maybe a simple problem for yours,but it's difficult for me
i using the MilkShape 3D 1.8.2 which is also create and edit the 3d models
for jk3 glm files,then,i try to import some of the glm files and edit some detail
for the model and export to another glm file,and put it in the own pk3 file,
however it dosen't work on the game,and i try to use Modview to visit
my glm file,it can load it and saw my model who edit for me,but i cann't
see any bones on there,the model haven't adimation on there
how can i fix it?how can i import the jk3 skeleton or bone on my model?
i really wise to success the model,any body can help me?

this is my first model for me,it only a laming model,an objects
dosen't gave any animation on there

an idea is for the game Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds - sith knight

my model on there,it's not finished

addition:i have visited many article on how to create a jk3 models
however,it all of english,it's difficult for me,beause i am not from US
i try my best,but it dosen't helpful for me

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