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Bleh, religious debates. What I really don't get is, why are a lot of Atheists dead set on proving religions(mostly from what I've seen Christianity) wrong? As long as the religion is not being forced on them, then leave it alone. My opinion is the same towards Christians and people of other religions. Beleive what you want to beleive, but do NOT force it on anyone that does not want it.

I was raised Roman Catholic. In the Catholic faith you are somewhat supposed to convert others in order to "save them." Now I can understand this a bit. I could understand converting a person who has no faith and is not sure of what they beleive in. However, when you try to convert people who already beleive something different, that's where you should stop. When I was younger I would try to convert my father, who is an Atheist. Now that my ideas have changed my father and I can have simple discussions about religion. We both beleive that people should beleive whatever they want to beleive and as long as it doesn't harm anyone else then it's fine.

After my confirmation in the Catholic church, I started to not beleive in it. I thought the whole concept of one God wasn't quite right for an entire universe. In a way, I became a Pagan and then an Atheist. I do beleive that Jesus existed. I also beleive that Muhammad and Buddha existed. Beleive what you want to beleive, but mostly try to keep it to yourself. There is no reason in trying to prove someone's religion wrong or right.

Also, I thought that video was just stupid. I've heard better arguements.

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