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Anything anywhere is always going to have an impact on others. What you need to ask yourself is "Is this impact negative?" In a way voting could be considered forcing beleifs upon others, but you are trying to tie religion with politics. There is a separation of Church and State which must be recognized. Vote against abortion if you feel it is truly murder, morally wrong and all those other arguements, not because your church told you it is wrong.

I didn't state that it was okay to want to convert those without a religious beleif. Just that I don't find it that wrong to convert those who have NO BELEIF. I think education is sacred and some is better than none, even if it is possibly wrong and biased. For me having some education eventually led me into researching other religions. I may not beleive those religions, but I still like to understand them and know why they beleive what they do. I didn't mean that it is okay to convert those who do not beleive in a God or gods. Them not beleiving in a God or gods is their beleif right there. That there is no God. I don't think that some Christian, Muslim or Jew should come up to you and try to change your views and I don't think that you should do it to others.

Just to avoid any miscommunication, I am not saying that you do in fact try and change others views.

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