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I don't want to get on your bad side or anything, but it appears to me that you simply wrote off some of the things I said by calling them contradictory. I will admit that I could have worded them better. I will do that now.

Religion is in it's own sense a form of education. It is certainly biased and is quite possibly wrong. I would not see the harm in educating someone who has no knowledge of the subject as long as you educate them beyond what you beleive. I wouldn't say it is wrong for a Christian, Muslim or Jew to try and convert someone who has no knowledge of the issue, but they also should give the other religions and ideas a fair chance and thus allowing the person to make his or her own decision on what they beleive. Of course most people probably could not educate this said person beyond what they beleive because of lack of knowledge and understanding.

You are correct that the people can still vote towards their religious beleifs, but what are you trying to prove? Disproving a religion will stop this? No, that won't work. They just need to be educated of the others perspectives and keep open minds. My mother is a hardcore devout Catholic woman. I really dislike this. I have gotten in numerous arguements with her about other religions and ideas. She is very conservative and is against abortion basically just because her church is.

People need to be educated from all perspectives and all the different viewpoints, so that they can decide for themselves.

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