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Originally Posted by stoffe View Post
Anyone got advice about which profession is most beginner friendly, allowing you to learn the game without too much frustration?
Cannot believe I missed this question from the person that gave me all that advise on Oblivion. Sorry. My excuse is I've been lost with my little wood elf in Morrowind lately.
Originally Posted by Ctrl_Alt_Del View Post
Soldier all the way. Though, as you are undoubtely used to, you won't get the benefits either from techs (skills) nor biotics (magics), but, playing at normal, you'll rarely die as long as you don't make a run for it on the middle of the battlefield.
I agreed with Ctrl_Alt_Del. If Mass Effect PC is like Mass Effect 360 then do soldier and unlock weapons skills to use as a bonus talent later with a tech or biotic PC.

Originally Posted by jmac7142 View Post
i agree with ctrl, biotics are incredibly underpowered and can basically just push things around while dealing negligible damage.
I agree with the assessment early in the game. At the later stages biotics become overpowered IMO.
Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
Lift is however a useful ability,takes foes out of cover and make them sitting ducks.
Agreed really like Lift, but for total destruction Singularity is where it is at.

stoffe, no matter what you choose I believe you will be alright. I completed the Hardcore achievement with a Sentinel. So Iím sure you will have no problem with whatever class you have chosen. When you get to the point to pick your Specialization Class, then depending on what you are now, you may want to choose wisely. Good luck.

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