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I got started with a soldier since it seemed like the most straightforward choice, not requiring as much knowledge of the game to use effectively. So far it's been going fairly OK, though I haven't gotten very far yet; recently arrived at the Citadel station. Fighting from cover takes some getting used to, though it seems like my squad mates have that problem as well. While I dive for cover they stay out in the open, making no effort to avoid enemy fire.

Unfortunately the game seems to be incredibly buggy. In the short time I've played I've gotten several General Protection Faults crashing the game and one graphics driver related bluescreen. And every now and then the game comes to a screeching halt for 20-40 seconds where nothing at all happens, after which, if lucky the game continues as normal, or if unlucky it crashes. (Almost like it's getting stuck in an infinite loop and won't continue until it times out.)

Can't remember having had this much trouble with any other game before.

Those problems aside, the game has been pretty fun so far (aside from all the armor options I've encountered being ugly ). Seem to be mostly a paragon personality so far, don't now if that's going to cause any trouble. Some of the squad members seem to be a bit more renegade-ish in nature.

Character creation took a while to get a character who looked somewhat decent; you have to admire nature for getting it right so often. Very easy to make ugly or freakish faces. But it's still a shame you can't go back and tweak afterwards. It's hard to get a real impression of how the character will look in-game from the character generation preview.

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