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Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
Is it normal that I'm getting owned each and every time on Eden Prime at the detonators? I'm playing with an Infiltrator. It's kinda unsettling to not get through the very first level of the game.
Infiltrator would be difficult the first time through without a bonus talent. My advice is to use cover and go slow. There is no shame in running off and living to fight another day. Look around find every upgrade possible and change upgrades, armor and weapons as available. Give your Soldier companion the best rifle and use both companions’ abilities to their fullest. Don’t change ahead to the next round of enemies until your abilities have had a chance to recharge. It will get easier and the Infiltrator is a fun class, you just have to be careful until you get leveled up. Mind what your Commander and the other NPC are skilled at and use those weapons only, especially early in the game.

Don't know about achievements with the PC game, but on XBox 360 you unlock the achivement for difficulty settings as long as you change it before you leave Eden Prime. So you could reduce the difficulty then change it back before you complete Eden Prime and still get the credit (If it is the same as the 360). If that is what you are trying to do just remember not to even look funny at the difficulty setting after you leave Eden Prime.

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