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I had signed up for text messages from Meet The Press. These normally arrive about 2pm on Fridays. Today, I happened to have left my phone in the car and after long day at work and fighting with the forums I was shocked into disbelief to read:

MTP Loyal fans:
With incredible sadness we share news of the passing of Tim Russert, a beloved member of our family & one of the world's finest journalists
I still can't quite believe it. It was all over the radio on the drive home. Right before Father's Day on Friday the 13th. No matter how late I stayed up on Saturdays, I'd always wake up in time to see him on Sunday morning (except last week due to the French Open). Always felt like Tim was asking the questions I wanted to ask. That he was looking out for me.

Plus he was a good dad and loved his own dad a great deal. I have his book "Wisdom of Our Fathers". It's just really sad to me, and I'm a little surprised that it's affected me this much.

Edit: I never said it to myself and actually only now do I realize it: he's been a hero for me for years.

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