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Donna was in her high school, Jonathan High. She stood in the empty hallway. No one was there. "Hello?!" she called out. No answer. But when she turned around, Donna saw Kyle, at the other end of the hallway!

He grinned at her. Suddenly, she saw him pull out a knife. He came walking towards her.

The frightened Donna ran to the school entrance... only to find out that it was locked! Donna glanced back at Kyle with panic. He was coming closer! She sat on the floor, looking at him, and cried.

"Please! Leave me alone!!" Donna screamed. But as soon as Kyle came close, he raised his knife, and brought it down towards her...

Donna suddenly woke from the horrible nightmare. She glanced around, sweating. It was only a dream. The young girl looked at her clock. It was 4:00 in the morning. She sighed, and laid her head on the pillow again.
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