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Originally Posted by tk102 View Post
Always felt like Tim was asking the questions I wanted to ask. That he was looking out for me.
Same here. Tim Russert was the only reporter I truly believed. It did not matter if it was the Bush administration or the Clinton administrations he attacked both with equal zeal. The way he handled the Valerie Plame fiasco earned him great admiration from me.
Originally Posted by tk102 View Post
Plus he was a good dad and loved his own dad a great deal.
QFT. I’d just like to add he really sounded like a great son.
Originally Posted by tk102 View Post
I have his book "Wisdom of Our Fathers".
I would recommend “Wisdom of Our Fathers” and “Big Russ and Me.”
Originally Posted by tk102 View Post
It's just really sad to me, and I'm a little surprised that it's affected me this much.
I had a very busy day at work followed by a very busy evening with my family. I’m surprise my mother and stepfather did not mention Mr. Russert passing. Upon reading the thread I went looking for confirmation with the same disbelief in my heart as you do when you hear about a family members death and rush to the phone to hear it from someone else. Of the statements I read this one sums up my feelings.
AL GORE: Nashville, TN. The US and the world have a lost a great journalist, interviewer and author. He was an original and will be greatly missed.
It is with great sadness in my heart that I say goodbye to “little Russ.”

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