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Post JediKnight 2 Release date?!

Hi guys. Check this out. I was over at the mall and stopped inside software etc. and they have boards up with release dates on games. Well, to my suprise they had jediknight 2 up also. But the funny thing was the date. It had a release date of 7/5/2001. I even asked the salesperson and he checked it on the computer and said, YUP! 7/5/2001, This July 5th. We're taking pre-orders on it, should be in in 2 weeks!? After I told the guy that his computer was full of ****, his boss (the manager) also confirmed it. He also said that from time to time they get the dates mixed up. Well, We all know thats not true, But feel free to give software etc. a call. I also called other stores (eb world) and they don't have a date. hmmm, who knows, But I do have a good feeling about the rumored 12/01/2001 release date. I mean this is only a quake 3 engine. Half the work is done already.
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