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Claire lay awake, her eyes pointed somewhere beyond the ceiling. Somewhere within her chest there was emptiness, clawing at her neck, her stomach, her heart. Though sleep would be an escape, it would take her somewhere else, somewhere she didn't want to go, for whenever she closed her eyes all she saw was a face. Her sister's face.

Why did I have to find her?

She'd gone down that same train of thought again, casting the scene in her mind's eye. She was walking from work to meet her sister as she walked home from school. Claire's hands shot up, clawing at her face, trying to bring a stop to the memory. But the pause wouldn't come, and once again she found herself standing above her sister's body, the rain washing the blood off the sidewalk and down into the drain.

"Stop it!" she cried, and her mind gave in. The image was gone, but the feeling remained. Who could do that to her? The sadness. Why would someone kill her in cold blood? The fear. Whoever you are, I'm going to find you. The anger. And I'm going to make you suffer. The hate.

Giving in to her tiredness, Claire closed her eyes. Tomorrow was a new day, and perhaps in the morning the hunt could begin.
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