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Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
I got through it. *Warning: noob comment* I forgot to give my characters any talent points, since they were already at level 3 and I had no idea! *End warning*.
Yeah, I can see how that would make the job more difficult.

I too died several times before I was finally able to take out the Krogan you refer to. I finally figured out I could backpedal and dodge him long enough to take him down. And at close range like that I also learned using a shotgun is a viable option, even though I had no skill points for it.

I decided to just use the default soldier character for my first playthrough of MEPC. Have had a tough time figuring out how to effectively use my squad members. They seem to get taken out fairly easy in some situations. I've got as far as picking up my last party NPC and returning to the Citadel but have decided I don't want to continue playing until the Bring Down The Sky DLC gets released so I just started my second playthrough as an Infiltrator. I do have to say that I can, with some difficulty, use the sniper rifle even though I have yet to assign any skill points to that weapon. I just need to make sure I stay out of the range of enemy weapons so I can have the time necessary to get my wobbly sights on them.

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