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Originally Posted by GTSinc View Post
i tried that, but it wont show the maps on Server Manager
The 1.08 version of the BBO server manager doesn't support mod maps and won't show them in the list of the server manager. 1.08 is what's packaged with the Server Software download from Lucas Arts Files.

Download the updated 1.10 version of the BBO Server Manager HERE.

This also fixes a number of bugs like banning blank name players and identifying fake chat in the log so it can be cross-referenced with the CSV stats file.

You'll also need the 1.10 version of the Remote manager if you want to connect to your 1.10 server remotely. That can be found HERE... and User Guide for both HERE. The user guide was released when the 1.08 version was released so it won't reference the updated 1.10.

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