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In the Ep. 3 video game, you can choose to kill Obi-Wan and kill Sidious and become Emporor or follow the movie...
Wrong. It is true that in the game Vader can kill Sidious, but it is never implied that he becomes the Emperor. Δs soon as Vader kills him, the screen fades to black and the game ends, obviously to prevent the player from having to undergo the disappointment of having to see their character get gunned down by the nearby clone troopers immediately afterward.

I don't think that Anakin would make a very good Emperor, anyways. He just doesn't have it. I don't really tyhink that Anakin (Vader) had the courage to overthrow the Emperor. Its as simple as that....
I disagree that he wouldn't have the "courage" to attack Sidious. His conversation with Obi-Wan prior to their duel indicates that he was already planning on killing the Emperor, so I think the fact that he would get wasted in any confrontation is a more obvious issue. Then there's the matter of getting the support of the Imperial leaders, which is doubtful considering his lack of a reputation at the time, which was already discussed in this thread.

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