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Andra laughed. "I expect they took no small pleasure in doing the same to you. From what I've seen of Reibe, it's a surprise to hear that she ever stopped fighting..." She shook her head. "And really, I can only imagine that she fought other battles in the times when the galaxy could not find her..."

Abruptly, her voice trailed off and she looked toward the doorway.

"Odd about my team, though," she said softly, but there was a sharp edge to her voice. "She mentioned two dead, then five others with special abilities... I had five on my team." She frowned. "Did Ardin put some of his own men through the machine?"

Suddenly, she scowled. "Tritch. Tercel..."

At that moment, five people entered Welmin's Cantina. Were it not for the appearance of one of the two women, Andra probably would not have recognized them. These were the remaining members of the Jabos Team, plus two additions from Ardin's security team.

"Caution," said the apparent leader of the five, holding a hand outstretched beside him. Though streaks of gray now found their place in his near-black hair, Andra now recognized him. Dannar Mitkin. He turned to the two men Andra had identified as 'Tritch' and 'Tercel'. "She is suspicious of your presence."

"I can remedy that," Kos Tritch said. The eldest of the five, his hair was fully gray now, and his face was etched with wrinkles of stress and old age. Dannar shook his head.

"No," he said. "It is I who must show her the truth. She'll not accept your word, Kos."

"I can help!" This exclamation came from the one who seemed the youngest of the group, but Tepe could tell that this was not the case. This brown-haired beauty was the one of the group who'd turned out like the Sith Hunters, with a slow aging process and a powerful Force connection. Dannar nodded.

"Of course, Jena," he agreed. Then, they approached the table.

"Hi, Andra," Jena Keller said softly. "Let us in..."

Dannar sat down on Andra's other side and placed a hand on her forehead. For several long seconds, there was silence. At one point, Andra gasped. Then, they were silent once more, this time for a few minutes. Finally, Dannar and Jena drew back and Andra sat stock still. Slowly, she turned to face Kos Tritch and Grayson Tercel.

Softly, she said, "Welcome to the Team. Sit. All of you. I've been making friends with..."

"Darth Tepe," Jena observed, offering the man an almost Sith Hunter-esque bow of respect. "We're familiar with him." She smiled faintly. "You see, Andra... we have lived through the history you jumped over."

"I daresay you have!" Andra sighed mournfully. "I scarcely recognized most of you..." Suddenly, she seemed to realize that Tepe did not personally know anyone on her team.

"Darth Tepe, may I present my Team," she said. "Dannar Mitkin, Jena Keller, Ruya Faal, Jena Keller, and our latest additions, Kos Tritch and Grayson Tercel."

As each of them were introduced, they presented their abilities to Tepe.

Dannar Mitkin whispered to Tepe's mind, Telepath.

At Jena Keller's introduction, a gentle wave of the Force washed over him, and he could clearly see that she had not aged in the last thirty or forty years.

Ruya Faal held up her right hand and a small ball of water formed over it.

With Kos Tritch, Tepe felt a gentle nudge, the power of telekinesis.

And finally, Grayson Tercel held his left hand out, similar to what Ruya had done. But instead of water, a small fireball formed above his palm.

Andra looked at her team, frowned down at the table, glanced at Darth Tepe and the door to the sparring room, and sighed.

"We'll need a bigger table."

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