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Tepe raised an eyebrow at the group, staying silent as they first bickered amongst themselves and then introduced themselves. Or rather, showed off while Andra introduced them. However, he did manage to fit in there a small gesture similar to a bow with his head to Jena when she gave him her bow. As they showed off, Tepe smirked at each of their abilities before responding to most of them simultaneously.

To Dannar Mitkin he responded a cold whisper; The Force.

To Jana Keller he responded with the exact same she had greeted him with, albeit nearly twice as strong of a wave of the Force.

To Kos Tritch he simply gave a nudge via the Force, imitating his telekinesis rather well.

As far as Ruya Faal and Grayson Tarcel went, he couldn't imitate their powers per sé, but he could instead raise a hand and had a bright blue lightning trickle along his fingers, forming arcs between his spread fingers and forming a sort of an orb on his palm.

This was not to show himself off, but rather to serve as a reminder for them to kep their feet on the ground, for any force user with any talent in the art of utilizing their gift could still keep them at bay. When Andra finally spoke again, Tepe smiled and stood up. He glanced over at Welmin and snapped his fingers.
"You got that new booth installed yet?" he asked and Welmin nodded, pointing towards a somewhat larger looking booth than the rest in the joint that was situated between the entrance and the bar. Not a big of a change and something many wouldn't even notice until they really started looking at the place.
"Thanks. Get these folks some drinks as well. You know where to send the bill too" Tepe said to Welmin before gesturing toward the larger table and booth. As they all sat down, Darth Tepe took a seat at the end of the table and glanced over at Jena.

"You did not seem too happy to see me, Jena" he noted with a grin.
"Must be a natural thing when one goes through a Sith Hunter machine ... with the right end result, that is"

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