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"On the contrary," Jena answered pleasantly, "I was merely surprised to discover you keeping Andra company. I suppose, in retrospect that it ought not to have been a great surprise. Reibe said you're quite attached to this place."

"Indeed she did," Dannar said. "And speaking of Reibe, she said she was here also..."

"In the sparring room," Andra answered, gesturing over her shoulder to the door of the mentioned room. "Teaching an arrogant kid a few things about just exactly how young he is and how little he knows."

"Sounds fun," Jena chuckled. "And it sounds like her. I can't count the number of times in my brief training sessions she's had to beat me down a bit." She grinned. "Always teaching, that one."

"Always learning too," Tritch pointed out. "She's learned a few tricks about fighting a telekine. Stuff like, she can't touch me if I'm fully encased in telekinetic shielding." He chuckled softly. "I can hold my own against her, but I can't do much else."

Dannar shrugged. "I can't even do that. I can project illusions into her mind, but she always seems to be able to tell what's real and what's not."

"I'd be interested in seeing how well a precog can match up against a Force adept," Andra observed thoughtfully. Jena grinned and pulled something off her belt. It was a lightsaber hilt, which she slapped down on the table.

"Let's have us a match, then?" she challenged. To Tepe she asked, "Is the sparring room so named because there's only one room? Or is there enough space that we might be able to find some room also?"

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