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Originally Posted by Negative Sun View Post
...I do agree it's getting beyond embarrasing for AMD now, they need a serious miracle to save their rep and maybe even their company.
I dont know if they'll go down yet, they always seem to have a place in the middle end, notebook and server market, not to mention the multimedia/htpc crowd(though theyre going to need a performance booster even in that with the increasing uptake of BRay) Also, they seem to be making grounds in the mobile market, apparently having spawned a mobile device GPU that can do '360 level graphics'

Still, the main questions people have of AMD:
*When are your high end 45nm quads coming ?? (are they coming at all?!!)
*When is fusion happening?

A bit of $$$ riding on those two questions alone

It would really SUCK to see intel/nvidia take a monopoly on the gaming market(arguably, they already have one).....


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