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Originally Posted by Serpentine View Post
Are the side quests really that bad? Does anyone else have opinions on this?
Some on the Citadel are great, but those on other planets are pretty generic, yes. There certainly could be done a lot more in that regard, but it would take another year or two of development to make everything work. KOTOR's setting made it easy to include more side quests, since most planets are inhabitable in the Star Wars universe, thus one can place a dozen of side quests on each planet. On the other hand, In ME's universe very few planets are inhabitable (the game's trying to be as realistic as possible), so making side quest is not as easy as it was in KOTOR. Even the main quest planets are mostly hideouts of your enemy, not planets where people live their daily lives. What Bioware could do with this kind of setting is make those side quests on all of those planets that you can visit more detailed (so that you don't just shoot things and move out), but, like I've already mentioned, that would take another year or so of development. Bring Down the Sky might very well be what I have in mind, but since the add-on is not yet available for the PC version, I can't really comment. From what I've heard about it though, it seems to be better than most side quests in the main game.

Still a great game though, and well worth your time.

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