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"Hm. Reibe talks about me, does she? No doubt she's warned you about me as well" Tepe noted and grinned at Jena. Observing their conversation, he concluded that nobody else but maybe Tritch showed any promise in being any sort of threat. Of course Jena was one as well, but he had already converted one Sith Hunter to his side. When the idea of a precog fighting against a force user came up, a sly smile appeared on Tepe's face, even if he bowed his head down to hide it to some extent.

"The sparring room is ... Well, it's a place where you don't want to be when there's a serious duel going on there" he said before raising his head and looking at Jena.
"There is another sparring room as well, but it's in slight disrepair. I think it's currently being used as a temporary storage for training droids. It's been a while since I last trained here, so I don't know for sure" he told her before pulling the lightsaber into his hand across the table. He ignited it, looked at the blade and deactivated it again. He observed the hilt, glanced at Andra and then chuckled.

"It will be an uneven match between the two of you, no matter if she would know where your lightsaber was coming from or not" the Sith told Jena before smirking.
"But you know this" Tepe continued before standing up and chuckling at the pure idea of it.
"Well, follow me to the sparring room then if you wish to try it out. The rest of you can stick around and drink all you want"

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