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Originally Posted by Darca Lar View Post
What I'm trying to say is that IF K3 is made, there shouldn't be running from the Sith right from the get go. Why not go more in depth like a settler from Corellia who searches for treasure and ends up finding more than what he expected. Or a veteran Republic soldier who gets left behind on the battlefield and stumbles upon a Jedi and Sith in combat. Th Jedi almost dies but the untapped power in the PC bursts for moment out of instinct and saves the Jedi. What do you guys think?
Well, I guess that is all depends on what you want in the game. I think that it would be kinda cool to be something other than a Jedi/Sith in the game; however, I doubt that would happen. The reason beign is that this is Star Wars here! Looking at KotOR & KotOR II the Jedi is the main character. That is normally what the game is centered around. It just doesn't seem likely in my eyes. Don't get me wrong though, I think that it would be cool if you were something other that a Jedi.

As for the other part, I can't answer it because I have never played Mass Effect.

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