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Being agnostic and stuff, I guess I'd have to take a neutral stance on this situation... Anyway, you guys can't really touch each other. If a person believes on faith, then you can't really touch them or truly affect them. Some may call this stubborn or ignorant of the 'truth' (in whatever way one sees it) - but the faithful pride themselves on being able to claim belief in a thing that is illogical; to some, and hard to believe.

So essentially, the only outcome for this thread will probably be all of the non believers gathering together in one corner, grunting comments like "How idiotic. - He believes in God? - Religious hick. - Clutch that Bible tight, it'll make you feel better!"
Then the believers gathering together in the other corner, sharing thoughts like, "What barbarians! - These angry people are truly lost. - Doesn't he understand? - I'll have the last laugh!"

So yeah, even though there are no spamming of exclamation points and rants written out in CAPS; highlighted in red, too. Even with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation in all of our statements, this is nothing more than a fight (a bloody brawl is more like it) on the internet. ... and we all know how those end... Just like the Special Olympics: Even if you win, you're still retarded.

But by all means, continue. It's great reading both points, I'm using it as a learning opportunity. Looking at both sides, how they rationalize and shoot down (or attempt to) each other's points, is a great thing to watch. It really reveals the minds of people, exposes them, it's interesting. Two ideologies combating each other is entertaining food for thought.

But it's still sad seeing anyone fight... tearing us in two... Can't we all just get along?

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