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Well, the Jedi gunned down at close range didn't know to be on their guard against treachery from their own clone troopers and had their guard down. However, Anakin knew all about the clone's nature and their possible allegiance (having just wiped out the Jedi of the Temple with them), so he have been aware of this and had the clone trooper's on his 'Force radar', and he was not unarmed, in the game scenario his lightsaber remains in his hand. 2nd, there's a big difference between a majority of Jedi and those of the calibre of Anakin, Obi-Wan and Yoda (and later Luke etc) these are the exceptional among the Jedi, so what succeeded with other Jedi failed with them partly due to that (certainly at least in Yoda's case).

In the end I guess this scenario will ulitmately be down to someone's personal opinion though, (since it never happened in the movie, and the game doesn't resolve it either) but IMO I don't see those troopers taking Anakin down.
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