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(Sorry I've been busy with work. Postage time)

The boy took his place on the far end of the sparring room and turned to face Reibe, smirking some.

"I know you all think I am a fool, but I will prove otherwise," the boy swore, looking at Riebe, his eyes focused on her as she took her stance. "I know what I'm doing, and you'll see that soon enough," he continued. He knew Reibe wouldn't take him seriously until he proved himself. Deep down, it wasn't resent that he held for Strider, but a will to prove he was ready to learn what Strider had refused to teach him. "Maybe showing that I can go toe to toe with the Sith Hunters will prove I'm ready," he thought to himself. He reached outward and used the Force to deactivate the lights in the room, surrounding them in pitch black. A lone blue blade ignited itself in the far end of the room, held in the peculiar stance that was Strider's old form.

"Surely you're familiar with this. Let's begin!"

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