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It was now morning. Donna yarned, and got out of bed. After she washed up and placed on her clothings and shoes, Donna went down stairs to the kitchen. Her mom, Diane Lee James, a widow, was fixing her breakfast.

"Well, look who woke up from the dead. How'd you sleep last night, sweetie?" Her mother asked. Donna sat down on the chair, rubbing her eyes. "I had a bit of nightmares... but it's all good."

Diane gave Donna her breakfast. "Well, the office said I had to work overnight again, but I called your friend's mom, and she said it was okay for Keisha to stay with you. She's gonna bring her stuff over, if that's okay with you."

Donna shrugged and smiled, as she ate her food and drank her orange juice. "That's cool." She looked at the time. "Omigosh! It's 7:20! School opens at 7:30! I gotta be there no later than 8:00!"

"My, you do know your school hours," her mother joked. The two gave each other a kiss on the cheek. "Be home by 4:00."

Donna nodded. "Yes, ma'am. Bye mom!" After that, she took her backpack, and went out the door.
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