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Thumbs up Taking out the Tuskans

As mentioned before the Tuskan's have infinate reinforcements, so I usally just grab an AAT (for cis) and head up to the village and constantly kill them, I think my highest amount of kills was 331, and i only attackted them 2/3rds of the battle....

but to capture the base I usally take a droid star fighter, land it at the village so the back of the ship is facing the hill and the fighter is facing the CP or is on top of the CP, that way you only have to protect one side, and your protected on all sides besides that one. You can do almost the same thing with an IFT or an AAT. After that the Sarlaac eats most Tuskans coming out of the "Cisterns". (I can't spell the base name, but it's the Tuskan base right next to the Sarlaac Pit.)

And depending on which bases your enemy has the Tuskans can easyly kill your team off or your enemys off in the late game, so I suggest you take a skiff in to finish them or (My favorite way ...) Be a "Jet pack trooper", get in a star-fighter, fly at the enemy base, fly ,oh about 20 feet in-game (about 6 meters) above the CP then double tap the Enter/Exit button (Triangle for me(PS2)), which makes you drop out of the ship sending your ship at the enemys, making them get up (like when you get hit with a grenade), while you start to take the base. "Jet-pack troopers" are needed for this because, they are immune to fall damage.
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