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~swipes member card~ Access Approved.

Also, all these kids are gonna be 13, OG camps kids will be 15, and All 3 councelers are available to be played by anyone participating.

RP Name: Cecilia Lenore
Physical Discription: Dark Brown shoulder lenght wavy hair with sideswept bangs, clear blue eyes, often wears plain black tanktop, dark denim jeans, wayfarer's when outside, and black flipflops. Her finger and toe nails are very bright pink.
Personaliy: Very cool, calm, intelligent, and charismatic. Can kick Djibouti when necessary, but is kind the majority of the time.
Specialty Power: Hydrokinesis. VERY good at manipulating water.
Notes: Often refrences Star Wars of the Office, carries around a Dwight Schrute Bobblehead (GOOGLE IT, I HAVE ONE MYSELF) almost at all times. Had a sister who wasn't featured in the game go to camp, who left her all these nifty secret information thingies. (secret stashes, hiding places, stuff like that.)


RP Name: Milo Phage
Physical Discription: Tall, Lanky, straightish light brown colored hair medium lenght but not shaggy, like Jkras hair. Wears frameless glasses, denim knee length shorts, light blue t-shirt, white socks, and black low top chucks.
Personaliy: Typically quiet and to himself, when he makes good friends with someone he opens up, and is quite funny in a sadistic way. He's very easygoing and, if you're nice, friendly.
Specialty Power: Like his sister, invisability.
Notes: Milka Phage's younger brother, likes read and often has iPod which is very eclectic.

ALRIGHT, ANYONE ELSE CAN JOIN IN AT ANYTIME, Allie, would you like to start?
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