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Anybody who is participating in the RP (So far, you and me) Can control the counclers. So Sasha, Milla, and Morry are open domain.

The fine scent of the outdoors was everywhere...outdoors at Whispering Rock. The sunlight shined through the trees as a car pulled through the open gates. It was a silver Chrystler Sebring with a convertable top. Kicking the door open, A girl hopped out of the front seat, the radio inside blaring Kate Nash, "Yeah I know mom." The girl said, hair flipping all over the place, "I won't get involved in any hijinx." She opened the back door and grabbed 2 big black duffelbags. The girls mom muttered something, but the girl spoke again, "Don't worry mom, I'll call you. Love you, bye!" Slamming the door, the girl hauled her dufflebags up the hill as the car pulled out of the gate.

Dropping her bags at the top of the hill, she looked around and observed her setting. "The famous Whispering Rock. I wonder where everyone else is?" She thought, and left towards the kids cabin area.
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