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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
Seeing as it is Bioware making the mmo, this might be the next mmo I get to bite my teeth into. I'm fine with both, because I accepted awhile ago that a Kotor III was never going to be made.
No longer shall I write the name True_Avery as thou art no longer a true believer in KotOR 3. From henceforth I will call thee False_Avery.
Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
He's manipulating you. Resist it! He is part of the conspiracy.
His elves are in on it too!

Getting back on topic, I don't expect we'll see LucasArts' true intentions with their internal development efforts for a while. Since I haven't found any reports ,that I consider reliable, as to the number of LucasArts employees let go in this latest reorganization I've decided to take Ms. Grohne at her word though with some degree of skepticism. Hopefully one of these days, perhaps during the E3 timeframe, the new LucasArts president will grant an interview to some gaming news org and shed some light on his plan for LucasArts.

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