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When they entered the second sparring room, the room was silent and unlit to the point that nothing past the ray of light from the doorway could be seen. When Tepe entered the room and switched the lights on, the droid went online and slowly one by one they shook and rose up from their slumped position with the assistance of their servomotors. Tepe looked around before pushing the other two back with a grin.

"Excuse me. I'd forgotten that I attached them to the light switch. They'll be hostile after they boot up" the Sith told them before walking to the center of the room. He took out his red lightsaber and ignited it, raising the blade in a ready stance by his side. The droids, varying in armor plating and size as well as weaponry due to the several rebuilds they'd gone through, started walking towards him, repeating their programming; 'Kill meatbag'

When the first droid came close enough, Tepe swung his lightsaber once beside him before attacking. He sliced the droid neatly into several large pieces before moving on to the next droid. At some point he eventually was surrounded and began to make broader attack that took many out at once. Finally Tepe shut off the lightsaber a mere minute and a half after he had ignited the blade. As he walked towards the two women, there were still two droids standing. The other attempted to move it's leg and it resorted with the leg falling off, causing a domino effect in which the whole droid fell into pieces one hitting the other droid that did the same.

"The room is all yours" he said before launching a rather massive fore wave behind himself, effectively cleaning the droids into a pile on the other side of the room. As the door hissed shut, the Sith looked at Andra and Jena going to take up their positions.
"Remember that the blade is no better than the person wielding it. Focus" he told Andra before taking up a meditative position beside the door, levitating himself to about two meters off the ground before clapping for them to start. He was interested in the outcome himself.

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