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Hello-and sorry for my grammatical errors XD,
I am interested in joining your modding team, if you are still recruiting.
I have some little experience with modding, but I have a lot of experience with concept art, and storyline- due the fact that I have made some storylines for several GTA total conversion mods. I have loads of imagination, a lot of free time in this summer and I also have large amounts of knowledge about the Star Wars universe.
I am an excellent researcher, and I am a passionate fan of both KotORs.
I have played a lot of Star Wars games of different type. I can be very very helpful in the militaristic aspect of the game, and I have social skills that allow me to compose elaborate dialogs.
Tho in this recruiting post, most of the time i bragged - XD - if you want to contact me you can via PM or my email, {Snip} Please do not post your email address. Thanks. -RH

Thank you very much for making this mod,
The Exile

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