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Originally Posted by alexrdias View Post
In what do you believe anyway? I mean, who/what created the universe and all?
Did you not pick up on the fact that he's an atheist who believes in evolution...?


Thank you for the link - It was very interesting.
A couple of things:
Firstly, I agree with the idea that he described - God caused the big bang and then evolution and such followed. So some of this was lost on me because I'm also sad for anyone who actually feels that Earth is 4000 years old.

I know it's fiction, but that thought reminds me of this video: (At least it's based on facts.)

Second of all, I thusly know that the Holy Bible can't be completely correct. But the errors in words written by humans (with human biases and perceptions) about something divine do not convince me that God Himself can not exist.


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