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"Then tell me, Elysium," she said, deliberately using his full name to address him, "if you are so confident in your skills, what is it you seek from the Sith Hunters? Strider's whereabouts? Even I, one of his closest friends cannot give you that. Further training? By your own admission your views and beliefs differ from ours, so you will not find what you are looking for in that direction either."

She connected the halves of her saber for a swift, spinning attack, then disconnected the two immediately thereafter and hurling a flurry of at least eight strikes from seemingly random directions. But as time moved forward, it became evident that the strikes were not even remotely random. Instead, they were calculated to make Eli work his absolute hardest to keep up with her. This, he managed... almost. But after nearly a full minute of this strange, haphazard-like striking, Reibe caught his blade between both of hers. In a move that was almost too fast to see, she then brought her right leg up, her foot crashing into the boy's hand, and sending his lightsaber flying.

Attempting to recover his lost weapon, Eli thrust his hand out in its direction, but Reibe executed a flying leap, kicking the kid to the ground, connecting her saber back into one piece, shutting one blade off, sweeping Eli's saber out of the air. She came down on her feet, standing just inches from his head. One orange blade and one blue blade came down, criss-crossed at his neck.

"Yield," Reibe said softly. "And answer my question. What do you seek?"

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