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Corellia is somehow similar to Coruscant,- only that it has a more rural aspect, and the building have a more Taris aspect- and the color of the building are similar to the color of Ahto City- Manaan- so if you could add a little more blue to the buildings, and then you could light the color up, the reskinned Onderon could look exactly like Corellia.
Ow, and I must tell you, that in Corellia there are "Jedi Credits" which are more valuable and you can buy with them things otherways you can't. And Corellia is in trading partnership with the wookies on Kashyyyk.
Well, just some minor details that could be a nice add-up for the mod...

-Source: Star Wars: Jedi Knights: Jedi Academy; Wookipedia-

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