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Originally Posted by TKA-001
Doesn't Traya at the end of the game tell the player (if dark-sided) that he or she just mucked up all of the planets and will cause them to become like Malachor or something?
I think it was more on the lines of the echos from all the death and darkness surrounding Malachor V to eventually spread across the galaxy and smother lives connected to the force (basically everyone but the Exile), killing most of them in the process. That's what I remember anyway.
Originally Posted by JCarter426
She was a heroine during the Mandalorian Wars, was she not? And even a DS Exile is heroic during the final battle at Telos.
Really? I think I missed something, but the Exile's actions during the Mandalorian Wars (mostly at the final battle) were at least decently contraversal and not always heroic. And the DS Exile was heroic? If this is about Nihilus's death, I don't know if that was heroism or rather making sure the guy doesn't consume everything and everyone in the galaxy. An empty galaxy is useful to no one, so stopping Nihilus being heroic... I guess its subjective to debate for DS Exile.
Originally Posted by Gurges-Ahter
I agree with that statement; that the Exile's alignment does not affect the outcome of the game.
*sigh* Yes, sadly the more visible effect of DS/LS, especially on your party is badly butchered by cuts. Rub salt in the gaping wound why don't ya? But, originally, many of the main characters would die due to the choices you make (and some would turn against you), and the fates of the worlds you visit were also more extreme-just look at the cut content where a DS Exile allows the ruined Ravanger to crash into Citadel Station and pretty much demolish it! ...Now consider the amount of people on that thing...
...It still looks amazing everytime I watch it... And they cut it.
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