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((Moving a thread along and skipping several IC-hours when others have just begun to do something(i.e. Icarian leaving the group and hence continuing the RP in that direction) are completely different things. A handy rule is to let the DM/TM(Whichever you wish to call the thread starter. I prefer Dungeon Master for the nostalgic reasons) handle skips that take several hours of IC time.

In this case, the skip was entirely uncalled for. Not only was most of this page dedicated to arguing if the group should leave or not, to which there was no clear decision as of yet, most characters that are still RPed by someone seemed to be on the side of leaving. However, in spite of this you decided to completely dismiss all that and instead said they had all rested until morning, something that only Corinthian's character seemed to support. Also, since Corinthian is banned, screw him and his likes and dislikes.

Ergo, please delete your last post))

Skarra noted Icarian's self-dismissal from the group and smiled. He nudged Eldir who looked first at the Centaur and then at Icarian.
"Go ahead" the bard said Skarra, knowing quite well what the Centaur wanted to do. After an irrelevant approval, since he would've followed anyways, Skarra swiftly made his way after the Dryad. Once he caught the critter, he slowed down and fell in line not too far behind him to make sure he didn't miss any tracks on the soil. The man knew that the Dryad was a scout, but he had the distrust of a ranger.

Eldir meanwhile shook his head at the infighting of the group.
"Those who want to go, let's go. Those who want to stay and make friends, go ahead and stay here. I frankly want this all done with so I don't have to look at any of your faces again for a hopefully long time" he told them before making sure he had his equipment with himself so the elf could follow behind Skarra and Icarian. Eldir placed his trsut and hope on Icarian and Skarra and that they wouldn't lose the still fresh tracks.

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