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((Right-o, sorry 'bout that, I'll be more wary as to what I do from now on.

Also, what happened to Corinthian?, I mean, he seems to be important to this RP...??))

Arivan scowled, annoyed at what was happening around her. She shouldn't have come here, too many people, too many lifestyles that she could clash with. Everyone but that... that... thing seemed not to mind her though, so she wouldn't mind sticking around even if it meant having to deal with it for a while.

Unwilling to stay, restless with the rest of the group she trailed silently behind Skarra, Icarian, and Eldir. She wanted desperately to prove herself to them, show them she wasn't some juvinile elf. She really did know what she was talking about, and was good at what she did.

They didn't know it yet, but she was watching their backs, they never needed to know. Not unless something attacked, they were focusing on the tracks, something she could have done but obviously not as well as they did. She had been tracking for years longer than them, but she still seemed so young in her mindset and atitude people usualy forgot she was probably about a hundred years older than they were.

Her thoughts kept her company as she watched the group, making sure that nothing went wrong. She climbed into a tree, she enjoyed moving about in the trees, just as long as there were enough for her to jump from one to the other she was content.

"That explains why the tracks became lighter ahead. They unloaded the Mythril" Arivan looked on, her curiosity burning with hunger. Now what? Would they follow the cart, or the tracks of those who had the mythril? What was more important?

"I hope you don't have any troubles in Black Forest, since it seems we'll be heading there next" This was her chance, she knew her way around that area like the back of her hand. She wanted to show that she could be good, and so useful to the cause. She didn't wanted to feel un-needed anymore, she wanted to belong.

She jumped out of the tree, with a feline-like grace, landing noiselessly behind them. "I can guide you there. I know all these parts... I don't get lost." She tried to disguise the wanting, the need in her voice to be accepted.

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