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"Ugh," Milo smacked his head into the table he was sitting at, "Board games are dumb."
"What do you suggest, then?" Lixa asked, hands on hips sternly looking at him. Cecilia stared too, albiet not being in the conversation.
"Something not dumb. We're at a summer camp, let's go do outdoorsy things." He got up and headed for the door, "I am bored, and I am going to the lake. Have fun playing your board games." He left, tensly, leaving a bad feeling in the room.
Lixa or Cecilia didn't speak, than Cecilia broke the silence, "One of us should follow him..."
"Yeah... You go."
"Why me?"
"Cause, I'm not a fan of the water."
Cecilia just sighed and muttured, "Fine. Come get us if something happens..." with that, she got up and walked out, heading for the lake.
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