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Down at the lake, Cecilia found Milo sitting at the end of a dock, feet dangling off the end, peering into the water. She noticed he was muttering to himself, she needed to find out what though. Turning invisible, she took the quietest steps possible and snuck over to the dock by him. Standing about a meter behind him, she heard him talking to himself. "Stupid camp.." he muttered, "Why did I even have to go? Nothing interesting is gonna happen." Slowly, Cecilia placed a hand on his shoulder, scaring him. "Who's there?"
"It's just me." She said, turning visible again.
He let out a sigh, "Where's Lixa?"
"Still at the lodge. We thought someone should come down to see what's the matter with you."
"I'm just bored, is all. We've been here for about two hours and nothing has happened."
"Give it time.... things will happen." She looked at him and smiled, him grinning back. "Who knows, maybe even more kids will show up."

(Okay, I think I may create another few characters...cause this whole 3 campers thing isn't as fun as when there are a good 6 or 7...)
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