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(Congrads, and I'll probably make more just for the heck of it.) At the dock, Milo and cecilia sat at the edge, peering out at the wreckage off into the distance "What is that over there?" She asked
"It was an insane asylum." Milo said, "That's where the whole brain hijacking thing happened, and it got destroyed in a major psychic battle. At least that's what my sister told me."
"Woah." Than fotsteps could be heard running down the dock steps. "YOU GUYSS" It was Lixa, she looked distressed.
"What's up?" Cee asked,
"Razputin! Somethign wrong!"
"Wait, Raz Aquato, the famous Psychonauts?" Milo asked
"Something in the lodge, he's been kidnapped!"
"Holy sheep." Cecilia said, "We need to make a plan."
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